Wednesday, December 9, 2009

wishful thinking

last friday i spent the day with aunt sissy, decorating the outside of their house (amongst other things). this left cliffy at home with the kiddos. it was BITTERLY cold out, and normally i would have suggested a few activities....BUT....

it doesn't look like they needed any help finding something to do.

apparently a day of playing beach was the "best fun EVER" according to vivian. according to daddy, all was well until sally the babydoll got an extra dose of sunscreen. oh well, at least it wasn't chocolate syrup!

oh and btw, THIS is what they looked like on the way to school the next morning....yep, a brisk 40...burrrrr!!


CathyBB said...

The sunscreen made me think of the chocolate syrup, too!

Hate to tell you but Natalie's in flip flops today and the boys spent most of the morning - when it was 5 degrees - shirtless. =) Ohhh for that metabolism!

Susan said...

Love Vivian's tankini! Too cute! I've been channeling my innre Jummy Buffett too!
hehe, Bauer looks very European. That sppedo is hilariously cute.