Friday, January 1, 2010

light nights.

we are very lucky that there are a LOT of large, free light displays around town.

which means a couple of nights week, we load up in our jammies and take a little spin around town. this was our first night out, and everybody was pretty excited!!

the following week we decided to join the lee's for a little fun. that makes five kids (all in car seats) and three adults (one of which is six months pregnant). that's a full car folks!

and as is another of our wonderful traditions, we visited santa down the street, with the lovely loibner's. every year, this couple transforms their entire garage into a winter wonderland village.

and invites the community to walk down and take a peek, receive a candy cane and take pictures. these two remember it well from last year, and were very excited about another visit!!

in addition, every year they add something new, and challenge you to figure it out...i NEVER can. NEVER...i have totally given up. ;)

after a fun night, we returned home to a roaring fire, and smores.

light nights are my favorite!! :) i wish there was a january-november equivalent.