Saturday, February 13, 2010


because clif is working, and THIS great lady had a wonderful idea, we were able to spend a little time playing cupid today...

we picked up our packages*, filled with yummy "causecupcakes" and delivered them to family around town. it was lots of fun, and the kids enjoyed seeing how excited everyone was to receive their cute little package.

it made coming home and finding our own valentine treats even more special. gege & pawpaw, AND popa & dotdot sent neat cards just for the kiddos....

and popa even picked out a movie for them to watch: monsters, inc.

i'd say it was a GREAT success...look at those frary monsters!! ;)

and speaking of monsters...look what the little monsters made for their daddy to find when he gets home from work tonight. teehee....i wonder if he'll be scared?!

*cupcake photo by whitney loibner (of course)!