Saturday, March 27, 2010

soccer game 1&2

soccer...6 weeks, two games a week. just one of the multiple reasons i can site for not updating the blog. as you can see by sweet miss v's face, the first game was FREEZING!! it took ten minutes to layer the poor child's clothing!

but i think they enjoyed it...we (clif and i) are quickly learning when four year olds play soccer, sometimes they pay very careful attention (see above)...

and sometimes they don't (check out miss v).

oh well....they have fun, and that's what matters!

the second game was a bit warmer...

or maybe it was just the warm and fuzzy feelings between these two buddies!! ;)

and if you are wondering about sweet b....he stays with popa and dotdot during the games. i cannot keep him off the field, keep time, help clif change players, and be a million years pregnant!

but he doesn't seem to mind the one on one time does he?! :)


CathyBB said...

Hey, those kiddos look decked out for a soccer game here! Very good layering! Looks like they (and the grown-ups) are having a blast!

Thanks for all the new posts - we're off to get going on those eggs!