Monday, July 5, 2010

baptism x 2

on may the 16th we had a small dedication ceremony for frances at fellowship. she was barely a month old...

and teeny tiny. craig and harold said a lovely prayer...

and afterwards, whitney took our very first family of five picture.

fast forward almost two months...on june the 28th we had frances baptised at the methodist church. i know it seems a bit overwhelming, but joan pointed out that every single one of us (clif, i, vivian and bauer) had ALL been baptised on that altar (not to mention clif and i married) so it was only fair to frances to do the same. i couldn't help but agree.

so this time we went all out. when my grandad died i found my old christening gown (bonnet included) and that is what frances wore.

gege generously allowed vivian to wear one of aunt susan's old dresses. it was very sweet and dainty.

and we even managed to get a picture of all five of us on the famous altar.

sweet rev. will did the honors.

but by the end frances had enough....although her godparents didn't seem to mind. they love her regardless!

and apparently so do a lot of other folks. i will NEVER get used to this being our "group". when did we get so big?! we are obviously immeasurably blessed.


CathyBB said...

Congratulations to darling little Frances! Natalie thinks she looks adorable!

Su said...

glad to have been there
-forever behind the camera,