Friday, October 29, 2010

free friday

because i am working more, our schedules have changed, and we have just been so dern busy...we have seen less of the reeves' than we would like, but today we managed a super fun play date! i had read about free scary pancakes for kids at a local restaurant, so we met there early...

and while the kids enjoyed their frightful delight....steph and i caught up.

and so did bauer and trip. next we headed to this super cool new playground where i did not take a single picture...but the kids played for over and hour and thoroughly enjoyed the tire swing and multiple slides. in fact, vivian enjoyed her morning a little TOO much, because before we hit the boulevard she threw up! and continued to throw up the ENTIRE way home. luckily, it was just too much spinning on a full stomach, and made a great excuse for a relaxing afternoon at home and an early bath and bedtime.

which is when we discovered these matching pjs. both are hand-me-downs, but given to us by two different families. so cute, perfectly matched...and FREE!!

yep, sweet girls...that makes me happy, too!!!


addie said...

Aww! Both your girls are looking so big! Love Frances' toothless grin.

katandkarl said...

"both your girls" still sounds crazy to me! Frances is so cute!!! AHHHH! Miss you!

CathyBB said...

Free matching jammies... huge score! =)