Tuesday, December 28, 2010

florida.....and the stomach flu

this year, for thanksgiving, all the day's made the trek to florida. that meant around 1300 miles for our family. we decided to break it into two days and spent the first night at a hotel in mississippi...oh, how those kids love the luggage cart!! i wasn't feeling the greatest, so i only took this one picture. i chalked it up to too much car time, and was grateful to be at mawmaw's by noon.

setler and bauer, quickly found each other...and....

for the first time ALL the day great grandchildren were photographed together. and yes, vivian is the next to oldest and she is only FIVE! and sadly this was the last picture i took. the wednesday before thanksgiving i got the stomach flu. i was sick all night and all the next day. i started to feel a little better on friday, only to find out that bauer had been sick thursday night (thank you gege for taking care of him), and all day friday. after some discussion clif and i decided to leave on saturday and put the bad mo-jo behind us. ummmm....apparently you can't outrun the stomach bug mojo (even at 70 mph), because just as we hit the interstate vivian started throwing up, and wouldn't you know it, clif was thirty minutes later. this continued for the next 300 miles until we called it a night and decided to try again the next day! can you say, ugh?! no....SUPER UGH!

the good news is we survived, but i have to admit when i was downloading the camera, i came across this shot of b. it was obviously taken in the guest house at mawmaw's in florida. i have no idea what was going on or why he is making this face. but i can safely say it sums up the thanksgiving stomach bug epic of 2010!


addie said...

UGH! That sounds awful! But I love the picture of all the Day kids. Just think of how much fun they'll have spending holidays together for years and years to come.

CathyBB said...

Oh that IS awful. We had respiratory influenza the Thanksgiving Natalie was a baby. It was awful but I think I'd take that over puking on a road trip, ACK.

However, the great-grandkids photo is FANTASTIC. I'm so glad you had them all together!

Susan said...

Setler and Bauer played SOOOO well together. All the kids did, but especially those 2. They all reminded me of me, Clif, Jennifer, & Jeffrey 25 years ago!