Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the other summer

see this cute little girl? she is the daughter of "the other summer" (the pretty lady in blue). i can see from my traffic feed that when i submit a new post i get a lot more hits. so i am taking a brief break from all things day to ask something of you. please check out this sweet summer's blog. she is a wife, mother, and daughter, and not that you would know it by looking at her amazing smile, but she is struggling with inoperable cancer (for the second time). i know we are all tired of holidays, family, and for goodness sakes will the turkey ever end?! but i can't help but think of how she must be feeling during these holidays. so please, take a moment and pray for summer and her family...and if you feel led, follow her blog, and leave her a comment. thanks...your regularly scheduled day programming will now resume! ;)

photograph credit to lauren lea photography.


Buttercup said...

Stopped over at Summer's. Keeping them in my heart and prayers.

Claire said...

Well check in over there. Bless you.


CathyBB said...


Rachel said...

Meredith and I took Summer and her family a meal this week and Mere asked "Is Vivian here?" Glad you posted about this, and I think Mere misses her school friends :)