Saturday, January 1, 2011

fancy big girls

vivian and i had the privilege of attending my cousin mike's wedding recently. we decided it would work out best if just the big girls went...and even though i didn't get a single picture of the beautiful couple, or my numerous cousins or their cute kids, clif did manage to take this one of us before we left. i love that beautiful big girl!! :)


CathyBB said...

I had to get up off the floor to comment on this one... is Frances already wearing that Lulu dress??? Did it go to the floor, or has she had a growth spurt, too??? The brick, woman, the brick! ;)

CathyBB said...

Okay I had to check and I DID write Frances... well, as I said, either a., I can't get any names straight, or b., it was that big of a shock. =) Natalie's here now and LOVES it.