Wednesday, January 12, 2011

international visitors

this is sweet hersh, aka hershey bear. and this is sweet frances introducing hersh to mum-mums.

hersh was born two weeks after frances (but only because he was very, very happy inside his mommy's tummy!)

we love him. (and his mommy, and his daddy.) but he lives in vienna. :(

BUT he is here for the WHOLE month of january!! yep frankie...that makes me happy, too!!! :)


CathyBB said...

Okay, seriously, girl... have you SEEN your gene pool developing ever stronger with each passing moment? I swear I have seen that exact smile from Frances on Miss V before.

I'm so proud Frances is being a little international ambassador. ;)

DAL said...

Love these babies! Frances, Bauer, and Vivian have been so welcoming to Hersh! We love you all!

CathyBB said...

Natalie's here after school and I showed her the updates. I then pulled out a Baby Vivian picture to compare to Frances and she said "Wow. That's just creepy!" She means it in the best way. She's just as impressed as her momma. =)

addie said...

Oooh, it's my TWO favorite babies! So cute. If Frances' hair coming in? She looks so grown up!