Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's, wishful thinking, and photo reality

while the kids were at school the valentine fairy came to visit.

in all her infinite wisdom she saw fit to bring the kids matching swimsuits!! (wishful thinking? i think so...)

they were excited. maybe a bit too excited for pictures.

but after a quick change i managed to get a photo of the cool new suits...but let me be clear....

it was on take 27 that i actually got a blog worthy shot. maybe i should have entitled this post patience?! ;)


CathyBB said...

Love the suits!!! And I hate to say it, but Take 27 is probably about average! =)

addie said...

I love that even though Miss V is such a big girl, she still has the huge grin that takes over her face when she's being silly.

Susan said...

Cute suits. Where'd you get them? I got Hayes and Setler matching trunks from Old Navy. Seth refused to also go with orange flowers, but would agree to green flowers. I was satisfied. Lol! Girl, just wait til you see the St. Patty's cards I made (since a Valentine picture NEVER was achieved!) Setler's more difficult than the 9 mo old twins! His smile looks painful. OH well!