Tuesday, April 5, 2011

bowtie bauer

so today before school bauer comes running into my room:
b: mommy, mommy, i FOUND it!!
me: what buddy?
b: my bowtie!!
me: (knowing he doesn't own a bowtie) ummm...really, what bowtie?
b: my FAVORITE bowtie...seeee?! (now holding one of vivian's hairbows out for me to see) come on mommy, put it on me right here!
so i did. and his smile was bigger than the bowtie. i love that little guy!

and just to even out the post. here is miss v in her v shirt for v day.

and here is miss f. please don't ask me what she is doing....it's just a good thing she is cute like her brother! ;)


CathyBB said...

Oh my gosh... Nicholas has been wanting a bow tie - ?!?!? What's the deal with these dapper boys? =) Well, Nicky got one for Easter, so it's sure to be handed down to Bauer one day!