Thursday, April 28, 2011

kindergarten round up

this is vivian. she is our soon-to-be kindergartner, and today was kindergarten round up. sigh...
i decided it was a very good occasion to introduce vivian to one of her grandma carolyn's favorite places...the victorian tea room. so i picked her up early and we went for lunch. she was SO excited, and was a very VERY big girl. she drank tea, and had red wine dijon brisket and fresh fruit.

when i asked if i could take a picture, she said, "sure...get one of my good manners, please!" ;) i must say i was very impressed. when the waitress asked if she would like a cup with a lid, she said no thank you. very polite, but very grown up. she didn't raise her voice, or wiggle in her chair. she kept her napkin in her lap, and even commented that the flowers were "lovely". it was as if i could see her growing right in front of my eyes. sigh....

it was a very special lunch, one i know i will never forget, for a multitude of reasons. but possibly my favorite moment was when the dessert tray arrived and vivian was asked to pick her favorite. after careful consideration she chose the "sampler", which was a combination of FOUR different desserts! i said, "that looks really yummy, i bet you will really like that!" to which she replied, "i think so too! but mommy, what are you going to have?" "honey, when ladies lunch they share dessert." "mommy, i don't know about that part!!!" hahahaha....sigh. :)

finally we headed to the school, where the kids were sent to check out classrooms while the parents listened to the principal and teachers talk. this was the only picture i got of sweet miss v, but i think it sums up her feelings of the day. when i asked her as we walked to the car what she thought she said, "mom, i LOVED it!!" i'm so glad to hear it........SIGH!!!!!!


CathyBB said...

1. I'm so glad you warned me, or I might have cried.

2. LOVE the pictures of Miss V.

3. Natalie is very happy for Vivian, and she thinks the butterflies are so cool! She said to tell Vivian they will be a lot of fun!

4. Natalie says ALL of school is a lot of fun!


Jill said...

On the verge of tears! Such a big girl, I know you are so so proud of her.