Tuesday, April 5, 2011

spring break 2011

whatever could make frances so excited? she was an only child for four days! just kidding...but i do think she enjoyed the one on one attention.

pawpaw and gege took the big kids in the rv for a little spring break adventure.

they acted silly and had lots of fun!

they even slept in the "camper" as they call it.

okay, so the previous picture was obviously staged.

but this one is the real deal.

they each helped drive the big rig...

and gege said they were perfect angels.

they shared their games...

and vivian even helped bauer as a co-pilot. thanks grandays for a terrific outing!!


CathyBB said...

I especially love the second photo. And I definitely believe they were angels! =)

Su said...

Wish we could have over-lapped it more than lunch at Pizza Hut. Maybe this summer....