Wednesday, April 20, 2011

suess museum

i had read a little piece about the clinton museum having an exhibit on dr. seuss. the 8th (frances' actual birthday) ended up being a beautiful, windy day (and since the kids have never been) we decided to check it out.

like i was WINDY!

but this little girl didn't mind, with milk in hand, she was ready for her special field trip!

bauer (yes, he loves all neckwear equally...) was very excited to see sam from "green eggs and ham".

and both big kids wanted their picture made with the grinch.

i, personally, loved the mulberry street unicorn. the exhibit was nice, but we decided to check out he rest of the museum. the kids liked the "gifts" given to the clintons, and there was a neat collections of revolutionary miniature figures.

i think they liked the oval office best. :)