Sunday, May 22, 2011

alice in wonderland

i have been meaning for some time to take vivian to the ballet. however, i had an inkling that she wouldn't be able to sit through an entire production of the nutcracker (heck, i'm 34 and i get antsy....yep...i admit it....i'm that uncultured! ha!) so when i saw that the arkansas festival ballet was putting on a production of alice and wonderland, i jumped at the chance. we called our friends, the green's, and bought the tickets.

and can i just say....IT WAS WONDERFUL!! vivian said it was her favorite (even better than any of the plays we've seen this year), and i absolutely agree! the costuming was amazing, the dancers were elegant, and the story, filled with characters all sizes and ages, was relevant and funny! vivian was so excited to meet the fabulous the cunning cheshire cat,

the completely captivating caterpillar,

and of course, alice. :)


CathyBB said...

Very cool! Got your text yesterday; will email T and report back. =)