Monday, May 9, 2011


i do believe this was the best mother's day on record. seriously. there was no running around, just a relaxing weekend with friends and my sweet family....AND we managed to even get a picture of that allusive creature known as "mommy"!!!
the festivities began with presents the kids made at school. vivian graciously agreed to be the photographer while i opened gifts. this is the wrapping for vivian's gift (which incidentally was a beautiful hand towel with her hand print).
and this was her attempt at a photo of she and i with said towel. :)
bauer made a lovely teapot, with a poem and tea bag included. so very sweet.
and sweet little frances (who was so proud of her gift she couldn't have her picture made) made a picture frame with all three of the kiddos picture in it. i might or might not have cried at how excited they were to give me their gifts!
then on saturday night, after a beautiful day of sunshine and yard work, and a date with my hubby. the kids gave me their big present...with a little help from daddy...a jewelry box complete with their photos! after a great night's rest, and a wonderful church service, we headed to my dad's where he and dotdot made burgers and the kids played. then i was sent home to take A NAP!! while clif pressure washed the house. WOW!!! i was so spoiled!!! thanks to my wonderful husband and kiddos, i KNOW i can make it another year until i pee in privacy again! ;)


Jill said...

Such a beautiful family! Happy Mother's Day!

CathyBB said...

Happy Mudder's Day to you! That is just lovely.

And I won't even tell you that it's at least six years until that fabled day... since I'm still waiting for consistent solo bathroom trips myself. I'm sure it's highly over-rated! ;)