Friday, June 17, 2011

a little business venture....

hello everyone! i think it is about time to make a little announcement (nope, sorry, no bun in the oven, here!!)...

i have been waiting for sometime to officially open my etsy shop. as most of you know, i have been sewing for friends for years.

it is such a fun and creative way to express my deep love of textiles! so without any further ado...

i welcome you to "caroline kate" a little brand that i have been secretly working on for over a year, but will be officially starting over the next few weeks.

i will begin by offering just nap mats (pictured above) for $20!! if you have ever priced these before you know this is a STEAL! this set includes the nap mat cover, a coordinating pillowcase, and an attached ribbon tie that doubles as a handle for easy carrying! here is how it works. you provide the fabric (i will specify yardage) and i provide the labor...easy as that! please feel free to contact me at with any and all questions. in the near future i will be adding more items (take a sneak peek below) but until then, i look forward to hearing from you! and please...check back often for give-aways, and updates! :)

super duper hero capes.

sweet and sassy baby items.

perfect and practical pillowcase dresses. (did i mention they are reversible?!)

custom brother sister creations.
happy shopping!

*photo credit the fab whitney loibner.


Susan said...

Oooooh. Yay. I want 2 napmats, BUT the kids' mdo specifically requires the pillow be attached. You know just the head-end extra stuffed. AND an attached an extra flap of fabric sewn on the side so they can cover themselves up. The ones they sell roll up, but I think folding is fine too as long as it fits in the cubbie. I can show you Setler's as a model. It'd be a tad more fabric I know. What do you think?

The Walkers said...

Umm, as president of the Somer Day fan club, I would love to give a shoutout to her beautiful work!!!!!!