Sunday, June 5, 2011


our weekend was filled with lots of fun:
1.mulhearn birthdays...

our sweet niece and nephews celebrated their birthdays this past weekend. daylee and hayes will be one in june and setler turned four in may. unfortunately, this was the only picture i took...but it really sums up how much fun everyone had at the party!

2. memorial day camping with gege and pawpaw...
joan and greg drove the rv down and everyone gathered for lots of fun and grilled goodies. the babies three.

the big kids three.

and the silly three! i'm not sure who had the most fun, the kids or the grown-ups!!

3. max is 80!!...

and to wrap up the weekend we had a little birthday celebration for popa who turned 80. (i know the cake says 81, dotdot said that was one to grow on.)

it was a marvelous, merry memorial day weekend!!!


Susan said...

We had a blast too. Good, long weekend. Thanks for coming and for the presents.