Monday, July 25, 2011


every weekend there are parties, priorities, and it is nice every once in a great while when you just get to enjoy your friends and family. my beautiful friend steph and i have been trying to make lunch plans since....well....since her last birthday, and this saturday it finally happened.

we were also blessed with a mini-reunion of sorts with the smith family. although all the original smith kids have passed, my mother's generation is still going strong.

we were even able to visit with bobbie, who came all the way from lincoln!

unfortunately, on sunday frances had a bit of a summer cold and we were unable to attend the cookout. at first i was worried, (i'm not a fan of being sick in the summer) but then frances explained to me it wasn't anything a little double fist of milk couldn't cure. ;) i think we may have an ole miss co-ed in the making...


CathyBB said...

It is wonderful - but a teeny bit surreal - to see Bobbie on this blog!!!! =) She was so very happy to see you, and of course thought your children were amazing. She's a smart one, that Bobbie!