Tuesday, August 2, 2011

100+ days of summer

our heat wave is official underway...so we have tried to add some more indoor fun to our repertoire.

sibling silliness is always a hit. :)

and so is beauty parlor.

during which, frances sported her very first dog ears.

we have even made a couple of trips to the movies.

and once (when we saw the smurfs) we even had a special guest...daddy!

but sometimes folks, we just have to use our imaginiton. like this...well, this is....well....i had to ask. the reply:

"trying to sneak past the security guard, mom!!"

well of course you are!!! ;)


CathyBB said...

1. Natalie squealed over those tiny ponytails

2. All 'Supergear' always makes me think of Miss V.

3. About the security guard... I'm keepin' an eye on those two next summer!!!

4. Footie pajamas when the temps are what, 150 degrees? That's just WRONG. Put those things AWAY. Don't you know when they are put away the weather gets colder?!?!? I think YOU might be the reason behind the heat wave! ;)