Saturday, September 10, 2011

best birthday brunch ever

let the birthday celebrations continue...

this morning vivian and half dozen of her sweet little friends met for brunch at our local bistro. miss presley was first to arrive and very excited.

and of course, bff ruby was there, too.

first course was potato soup with rice crackers.

vivian said it was AWESOME!

next they had mini croissants with chicken salad and fresh arkansas fruit, yummy!

but the group really got pumped when the third course showed up...

key lime pie with whipped cream and special handmade white chocolate hearts!!

it was a great time filled with lots of friends.

when we got home there was one final surprise. brother had made a special treat for miss v....strawberries (her favorite fruit) and birthday candles. he made these all by himself and even sang her a special birthday song.

:) what a perfect day!


The Walkers said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Love love love that sweet smile and of course that sweet birthday girl!!!!

CathyBB said...

Looks perfect to me! Happy birthday Miss V!