Friday, September 9, 2011

september 9th

we woke up extra early today, because our sweet big girl, sleeping in her new jammies with her friend julie, is finally six!

here she is before school. where has that tiny baby gone?

and with her family presents. bauer got her catwoman (so she could play batman with him), and frances picked out a fancy new outfit for julie. daddy and i supplied the donuts and the new razorback shirt.

i think frances' favorite things were the donuts.

maybe the birthday girl's too! we love you sweet v. you are growing into such a kind hearted little girl. it is a joy to watch you everyday. your giggle is infectious, your wisdom beyond your years and your smile a reminder of the blessing god has given us the privilege to raise...happy happy birthday to our big girl!


Su said...

Happy birthday indeed! Cute razorback shirt. Where'd you get it? Setler needs a new one that doesn't show his belly button. Did she get to wear it to school today, a break from the uni? See ya'll tonight. Looking forward to it.

Jill said...

Happy happy birthday, Vivian!

jenny said...

happy happy birthday, to the smart and beautiful ms. v! you're all grown up now, i suppose! :-) love you! xoxoxo

CathyBB said...

AMEN! =)