Thursday, November 10, 2011

i love you.

the big kids and i play a little game sometimes. we say, "i love you" and then we quantify. it might be my favorite game ever. sounds crazy, eh? tonight's game:
me: v, i love you this much (spreading my thumb and pointer finger about a half inch apart).
v: oh yeah? well i love you thiiiiiis much (spreading her arms as wide as they will go).
me: okay. i love you big as a house.
v: and i love you big as the earth.
b: oh yeah....i love you big as a dinosaur earth.
me: hmmm....i love you big as the solar system.
v: i love you all of space and the solar system.
b: i love you 100 dinosaurs space and sonar systems.
v: i know I KNOW!! i love you big as god's hand.
b: ooooohhhhh yeah, yeah....i love you as big as god's dinosaur hand!
best game EVER!


shan riley said...

I love it. Those are the moments they'll remember. So small yet so significant in their self esteems. I think your kids are fabulous. And their crazy momma ain't so bad either. Like ya too Clif!

Su said...

Setler and I play that too. Can't wait til the twins can join in. We get lots of 'big as the uni-burst' and 'big as the whole galaxy'!

CathyBB said...

Well played, B. Well played. =)