Saturday, December 3, 2011

an early thanksgiving

a couple weeks before thanksgiving we decided to head to the day's. (warning the rest of these pictures are totally out of order!)

when we arrived joan had a full thanksgiving meal ready and it was delicious! she even made the big kids these awesome pilgrim collars to wear. :)

bauer made an awesome self portrait.

frances enjoyed some yummy gege sketti. ;)

one day we all packed up in the rv and headed to the nashville farmer's market. it was gorgeous!! this is vivian showing her surprised\happy face.

our delicious personal pizzas baking in gege's new oven.

vivian pointing out her fav, tomatoes, at the market.

pawpaw's girl and big rv helper.

our little harley dude.

see? simply gorgeous!!

mommy's girl fell asleep in her lap in the rv.

frannie getting her gege love...and NOT loving the camera.

gege and the bigs at this amazing park beside the market.

vivian's artwork: a crab.

during the rv ride. they were so excited not to have to ride in car seats.

b at gege's yummy thanksgiving meal.

my 9.999.876 attempt at a picture of three. not. gonna. happen.

three generations of day men. :)

and my personal favorite. bauer is in love with his beary...and apparently clif had one when he was little too, named farfuff. don't you think this should be his new profile pic?? ;)


Su said...

I put the Pilgrim collar on backwards. Oops. I posted to Facebook before Mom pointed it out too. Embarrassing.