Wednesday, December 14, 2011

elfie lilac flash day.

just like when children are naughty, apparently full names are needed for naughty elves as well. so you can imagine my surprise when i heard vivian scream elfie's full name. uh-oh...somebody is not happy...

oooohhhhh...BAAAAD elf!!

but wait...says little was just a celebration of how happy he was that we have all been good little girls and boys.

well that make for a much happier crew!! :)


CathyBB said...

1. Messes make my blood pressure rise.

2. Luckily, child-grins lower it. =)

3. Natalie says hi to the crew.

4. The funniest part of all... Natalie wants to know how the TP was placed so HIGH in YOUR house... mwahahahaaaaaaa

CathyBB said...

Ahem... ahem... SOMEONE promised a new post?