Tuesday, December 6, 2011

first night's lights

well here it is...in all its francesproof glory....the tree. after much debate we decided we would much rather enjoy the christmas season, and not constantly be vigilantes about breaking the tree. at first i was sad. i have an amazing collection of glass ornaments collected over the last fifteen plus years...all with special meaning and memories. but guess what? this tree has been even more amazing!!

first of all this pretty little lady and i helped come up with all the designs for all the handmade ornaments.

AND i found a bunch of old ornaments (unbreakable) from my grandparent's old tree, not to mention a lot from when i was a kid that i had made.

then this sweet fellow and his handsome daddy joined us girls and we all made ornaments one saturday. a bit becky home-ecky? you betcha. corny? uh-huh. funniest, most memorable afternoon in history? AB-SO-LUTLEY!

and now that the tree is complete what is there to do next? but to eat an early dinner, don our finest pj's and hit the road for the annual tradition of night lights.

the sweet babies are ready to go!

first stop, what our family calls the crazy house. this is actually about three houses down from where clif grew up. teehee...i'm betting my master gardener mother-n-law would NOT approve.

it drives clif mad, but i kind of like it...in somebody else's yard of course.

and these guys liked it, too...let the holiday season begin!


CathyBB said...

Oooh I am DIGGING the camera. ;)