Thursday, December 8, 2011

ice skating adventure

i love this crew. i know...i know...i've said it before. and you know what?! i'll say it again. tonight these besties got to try out their skills at ice skating.

can you believe this little guy was the best? he LOVED it!!!

everyone else had a lot of fun too.

although this young lady takes after her mother, i'm afraid. teehee...

and this frog prince (after slipping and sliding on the ice) decided he'd had enough. fine by me...i got to spend a little special time and take his sweet picture.

someone else was not so easily removed from the ice.

after the obligatory christmas tree shot...we were off to grab a quick bite, and see some lights. after the enchanted forest, and the crazy blow-up house we hit our favorite, the walk down village complete with mrs. claus.

this was ruby and trip's first time.

but veterans v & b showed them how it was done.

what a wonderful way to celebrate the season.

i do believe it is beginning to feel a bit like christmas.


CathyBB said...

1. I so love personal blog alerts. ;)
2. Have I mentioned I love your new camera?
3. I am so confused... the skating rink is an OUTDOOR rink??? That is so cool!
4. I love these little group buddy photos.