Saturday, December 3, 2011

this & that

we have had a very busy few months and lots of things have been going on:

frances has learned to read. okay, not reeeeally...but it has been that long since i have posted. ;)

bauer before school being...well...bauer.

ironing man.

sweet cheesy girl.

please take note, this is not because it was cold. indeed it was so hot that our mosquitoes were still in full force in late november, and this was his solution to protect himself from bites. seriously...i can't make this stuff up.

also, if you know our family at all, you know clif works like a mad man and never leaves home without his computer. one day bauer had this out when i called him. his reply, "just a sec mom, i'm taking an order on my computer." ha!

frances mad because i won't let her eat fifteen cookies in a row. i'm evil like that.

possibly the most exciting thing has been that frances has learned a new cool move. THE CHEESE! this is what she does every single time you pull out a camera or iphone.

miss v had "all about me day" at school. we made a big poster with lots of the things she loves. she even labeled them all by herself.

we also had a few playdates with school friends.

and a quick trip to the er. yep...i said er. bauer fell at school and what should have been just a busted lip ended up being almost twenty stitches. (it was so deep they had to do multiple layers.) thank goodness beary was there to help our big man out.


CathyBB said...

Ay caramba your updates are wearing me out! I am with you that you can't go this long again!