Saturday, December 3, 2011

oh my miss v

this little miss kills me. seriously. she is too funny for words...and so advanced for her age. for example: this is how excited she gets every week at kroger. we have a newly renovated cheese department that carries over a 100 varieties. who would think a 6 year old would care??

but every week she carefully selects a new cheese and asks the lady what it best goes with. last week we had apple wood smoked gouda, this week sage something...she could tell you i'm sure.

and a couple of times a week we do a little homework in our science book. this week we talked about animals and how they move: swim, fly, run, and crawl. the obvious answer: fish, bird, dog, etc. see below for vivian's answers.

and then when i asked what that was on the alligator she replied, "remember when we went to the zoo with pawpaw and gege and i was three? the alligator then had a stick on its head." wow...i better take a refresher course before this kid hits junior high!