Sunday, June 17, 2012

great wolf lodge kansas city

after a wonderful time in nebraska with family we made a brief trip to kansas city. it was a last minute decision we made to surprise the kids. upon arriving at great wolf lodge we were greeted by violet! isn't she cute?! (just fyi the rest of these pictures are in complete random order.)

little wolf bauer.

both big kids loved these awesome slides they could do all by themselves.

water water everywhere!! :)

sweet shop bear and the three little day wolves. (note baby wolf is howling!)

big sis helping baby girl up to her favorite slide. and as a side note: frances LOVED the slides. she easily climbed these steps and went down the slide over 50 times in a row. completely obsessed...and adorable!

ready to go on the second day!

each room is complete with a "kid kamp". it is a room within a room and looks like a tent or cabin. complete with bunkbeds, their own tv and table, cute little fur-like linens, etc. they LOVED it!

v rockin the slide.

frances exploring.

our dinner tent.

frances ready to go after her morning donut. it was so cute. she was the first one she got in the suitcase, got out v&b's suits and went and woke them up saying "here. get up...lets go play!!"

the bucket in the center of the park dumped 1000 gallons of water every five minutes. if you look closely you can see the people under the water...and that teeny boy in the green shirt is brave brave bauer. ha!

sister sliding.

the great clock tower in the great lobby.

more waterfalls.

this might be my favorite picture. at 8 & 9 every night they do story time. we went down to see it, and bauer found a quiet spot in front of the picture window to the park (which was closing for the day). you could literally feeeeeel his longing.

the kids reaction to seeing their bunkbeds.
really a great couple of days....or at least these day's thought so! :)


CathyBB said...

Hilarious! So glad it was fun!