Sunday, June 17, 2012

museums, playground & cousins...oh my!

no trip to lincoln is complete without a few stops at morrill hall and play parks.

vivian knows how much a despise here, of course, she is petting a stuffed one (even that freaks me out!).

sweet spider bauer.

all the cousins checking out the big fossil.

nat and frances.

now vivian is a prairie dog...that silly girl!

littles checking out a snake.

spider bauer is now joined by spider nicky.

the first exhibit is about bison, mammoths, and other large skeletal creatures. frances wasn't too sure. ;)

but everyone loved the excavation site.

this is just funny to build it.

everyone checking out the mountain lion...

and the bison.

big girls imitating that funny bird.

and sweet girls smiling.

and three years ago we took this exact same photo. (frances wasn't even in utero then!) look how much they have all grown!!


CathyBB said...

Forgot to tell you Nick kept asking if he was a 'yankee' or a 'what do you call other people?' =)