Monday, February 26, 2007

an old dog's new trick

monday louise thinks that it is hilarious to play dead for her little sister, vivian. vivian thinks it is super funny to poke her big sister* with a stick until she wakes up. surprisingly, this activity will keep both children happily amused for several hours. what a wonderful life to be amused by such simple things.

also, on a side note...after carefully looking at these pictures and realizing that we are completely finished with renovations inside the house, we have decided to sod the yard...(and joan sighs in relief!)

*please note that NO dogs, nor little girls, were harmed during this filming involving many, many, sticks.


Megan said...

Looks like you all are enjoying this great weather! I can't wait to get out my flip-flops.

Susan said...

Every kid needs a dog....or two. It just makes childhood...while childhood! Clif, where would we be if it hadn't been for Cuddles and Webster for that matter?!