Wednesday, February 21, 2007

great "day's" at the park...

we are finally able to leave the house....NO MORE PUKING FOR ME, and...

the weather has finally turned. this week has been a beautiful, sunny, 75 degrees with no humidity (i know it is hard to believe that arkansas has no humidity, but it is true!!) sometimes clif's unconventional work hours are to our advantage, and today was one of those days. we decided to take a picnic lunch to burns park and let vivian play on the playground for toddlers....apparently toddler's aren't the only ones who enjoy the playground. check out clif on the mini rock wall!

to our surprise one of vivian's favorite things was picking up wood chips...when her daddy told her they were wood chips, she calmly looked at him....held one in the air, and said "WOOD CHIPS!!", duh dad.

it was truly a great time, so good in fact that as i type the other day's are fast asleep in their beds...a perfect opportunity for me to catch up on my latest read in peace on the back porch!!!


CathyBB said...

=P PLBBBBBT... 75 and sunny? We're rejoicing at anything over 40 in Nebraska!

Gorgeous photos though... just be careful not to squish the baby! ;)