Saturday, March 31, 2007

today's quandary

so there has been a long running joke amongst the day's that cheerleaders are not REAL athletes. as a former, longtime cheerleader, you can imagine on which side of the debate i fall. HOWEVER, the real debate has been over which side miss vivian will fall (cheerleader or soccer player). so HERE IS MY PROOF! does this not look like the early makings of a heel-stretch?! and a pretty darn good one at that! now never mind that she is in a dress and i am trying desperately to "pose" her for easter cards ;) so leave a comment and let us know on which side you fall....just remember your vote could effect your receiving an easter card ;)....just kidding!!!


Susan said...

You know where I fall! Cheerleading is a competition, NOT a sport! I repeat...NOT A SPORT! :) Not that it isn't tough, it just doesn't qualifiy as a sport. any rate, Vivian is precious in her Easter dress. She could be stretching her hamstrings in order to kick a soccer ball. That's what I think she's thinking.

CathyBB said...

You know I want to say that pose with the little toes up is just BEGGING for me to Photoshop in a soccer ball, and her skidding across the grass... but I want one of those cards. Hmmm... I could put some poms in her hands, how about that? Whew, saved myself! =)

Cindy the former cheerleader will undoubtedly have a vote on your side. And I definitely know how Bobbie would vote! So there's two more for you!

Good luck with the photos (love the dress!). I tried that with Natalie today and she's a little over-posed. Can't imagine why... not like we've ever done this before... ;)

katandkarl said...

i'm sorry i'm with su.

but she will make a beautiful cheerleader or soccer player either way!

CindySue said...

Excuse me.... not a sport?!?!?!?! Who had practice twice a day, did extensive cardio training, gymnastics, lifting etc. etc. I "lettered" in cheerleading, so it MUST be a sport! I still have the videos to prove how good we were. I'm thinking about breaking out the poms tonight and reliving some of the old routines! But I don't think I'll be doing any heel-stretches... my legs don't do that anymore:)

Kenny & Stacia said...

I must choose cheerleading =)
Precious picture!!

lesley said...

Sorry Aunt Su!
At any rate, Vivian is just precious!