Monday, May 28, 2007

setler griffin part deaux

uncle clif finally got to meet his new nephew tonight. gege was kind enough to watch miss vivian while we headed to the hospital to check in on the newest mulhearn.

everyone is doing great. setler is quite the little eater, and mommy su is recovering well from her c-section. daddy seth isn't doing too bad either, especially since uncle clif brought him some macaroni grill for dinner (what else would he bring?)

as you can see setler is more than just handsome, he is truly a BEAUTIFUL baby! and cooperative, too...what one day old baby keeps his eye on the camera?

this last picture is a special one, taken just for are her babies with the newest baby! enjoy gege (and rest up) there are more on the way soon!!


lesley said...

Thanks girl for all the GREAT pictures of Setler!
We are dying to get to Conway to meet him. We have talked to Seth a few times but that doesn't count! I am so ready to hold that cute little boy!
I am so happy for them!
We're next girl!
Tell Su hello & CONGRATS for me when you see her!
Adam & I send our LOVE to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Mes, said, pretty baby just like his mom.

Laurie said...

hey all I think the other comment was from my Melissa please tell sus and seth we love them and Setler is beautiful, Joan and greg love you too

Laurie Earnie

Stephanie Reeves said...

Ok, Som- I'm leaving a comment as requested: I love how you put your hands on your belly to make sure it was noticeable that you're pregnant. GIRL- We know!!..... Great pics. Setler is precious!