Thursday, May 31, 2007

dear popa,

here is hoping you have a wonderful birthday. thank you for eating lunch with mommy, daddy and me, today. i had lots of fun with you and miss dottie.

i tried to muster up my cheesiest grin for our picture. i hope you like it.
lots of love, and hugs and kisses too...vivian caroline


CindySue said...

There is enough cheese in that sweet little grin for me to throw down my bag of four-cheese cheese nips!!!!!! (I highly recommend them. Almost as good as cheetoes.)
And Happy Birthday Popa!

CathyBB said...

Happy birthday to Max! =)

As for the cheesy grin... no, no, no, not cheesy, she's just POSING. =) She's got the big grin, the lean-in... you were right: she really IS a teenager! (Hope your nights are going better!)

clif, somer, and vivian said...

actually, i think the "cheesy" might be chewing...if you look closely she has an ENORMOUS piece of bread in her mouth!