Friday, June 1, 2007

wild child...

i can't help but post this picture. for those of you who know meek and mild is the REAL harrison baker! what can i say, vivian brings out his wild side.

they had the best time playing in the "fort". celeste and i resorted to some serious mommy maneuvers to get this shot (let's just say she yanked up the covers, while i was posed and waited for the shot), and what a great result. this is definitely one for their senior yearbooks!


CathyBB said...

Oh it IS a marvelous picture! I can vouch for you... from personal experience, this is a VERY difficult shot to catch. Niiiiice worrrrrk!

Aside, would it surprise you to know that Natalie has a top VERY similar to Miss Vivian's, but in blue? =)

And my mom-of-boys radar went off at the "Dinoland" t-shirt, too. VERY cool! =)