Sunday, October 21, 2007

fairs & birthdays & parties....oh my!

this past weekend was super busy. saturday clif came home early so we could take the kids to the church halloween fair. we were a "themed" family (cathy you would have been SO proud). vivian was a cheerleader, clif was the coach, i was a referee (appropriate don't you think?), bauer was the football, and nene was the football player. yes, i know you are asking where the group picture is posted and the answer is...nowhere. my dad accidentally hit the video button....and so there are NO PICTURES!! i plan to recreate the moment later this check back for the "fake" halloween fair pics ;)....i did manage to get one of miss vivian checking out the candy.....ohhh, and did i fail to mention bauer's costume won a prize!!! that's the only one of the five costumes i actually, yeah yeah yeah! :)

we also celebrated nene's birthday (a bit belated). she came over for dinner and insisted upon having her picture made with the kids and her shitzu cake.

and finally on sunday vivian had her little friend isabella's disney themed bday party to attend. here she is trying on her tinkerbell costume. a big thanks to jessie for letting us borrow such a great dress last minute! on a side note i don't know if you can see it but miss vivian is wearing her pink cowgirl boots under tinkerbell's ballgown. that kids cracks me up! :)


The Skinner's said...

I love the pics!
The kids are too adorable!
Thanks for the encouraging words, Somer!

CathyBB said...

Ta-DAAAA! Good news: I CAN access blogger. Bad news: I can't do it from my computer. SIGHHHH...

Anyway, LOVE these photos... dying to see the group shot, though... particularly Clif's stylin' socks. =)

In the meantime I'm very impressed you've already trained Bauer to gaze adoringly in his photos. Well done! ;)

And please note for the record that I LOVE the hair bows (the bigger the better!) and the ponies... and I think the chairs look fab-o!

Megan said...

I can't wait to see the family picture. Did you make the doggie cake?