Friday, October 26, 2007

pumpkin patch

today, we made an unexpected stop at the church pumpkin patch. this is a very old tradition for our church to raise money for the youth group (they even did it when clif and i were there). it was just good luck that i was feeling especially festive this morning when i dressed the kids in their coordinating halloween outfits. (i must pause and give thanks to jill and cathy, the hand-me-down queens!) this time daddy took the pics so mommy could hold her babies....

miss vivian LOVED picking out pumpkins. i think we might have come home with a few more than originally planned. ;)

she also loved holding her brother for a sibling picture. you would never know by HIS face, but she is sweetly singing "rock-a-bye baby" and saying "smile bauer"...she is such a good big sister!

p.s. cathy, this is my proof that not ALL of my picture taking adventures turn out too well!


CathyBB said...

Yippee! A rare moment when this computer will actually access Blogger... I hardly know how to behave. ;)

I showed Natalie the photos of her shirt and she looked concerned and asked if Vivian got older all of a sudden. =) What a scream - like mother, like daughter! Yesterday Natalie's zebra jeans were two inches shorter than the last time she had them on! Anyway, I showed Nats how Vivian had the sleeves rolled up and she felt much better. Tee hee!

Susan said...

Cute stuff!

Amy and David said...

I love your new background!!!