Sunday, November 18, 2007

the baptism

after much planning, clif and i decided to have the kids baptised this sunday at first methodist of north little rock. this is a very special church for us, since not only were we married in this church, but this is also where we first met. we were in the same confirmand class (along with vivian and bauer's godmother, celeste aka aunt sissy) and my mom was our sunday school teacher for two years. it is a very important moment in our family's life when we ask god to bless our children and help us raise them in a loving christian means even more to do it where we have shared so many years of happy memories...ok, ok, enough mush here are the kiddos!

the day's: vivian, clif, somer and bauer
the littlest day in his christening gown. he is so stinkin' cute!!
popa and dotdot holding bauer at the church. don't they clean up nice? ;)
miss vivian wearing her new necklace from popa and dotdot, and on the run at the house. (don't worry cathy it was 75 is ok to be barefoot.)
pawpaw and gege trying to handle all of their grandkids...setler six months, bauer 2 1/2 months, and vivian 2...aren't they brave?!
and just immediate family, this is SO hard to believe!! look how much we have grown over the past TWO YEARS!! thanks to everyone for coming to support our family on their big day. rex, steph, ruby, and trip; jon, celeste, harrison, and thomas; harriett and dale; and of course, aunt shannon, uncle john, and jackson; uncle seth, aunt su and setler; gege and pawpaw; popa and dotdot; and mike the manny and granny b. we hope you enjoyed your quiche ;) we love you all!!


Susan said...

We had a great time and enjoyed lunch. Sorry my big head is blocking Gege. Congratulations, Vivian and Bauer. We love you all!

CathyBB said...

Congratulations on the big day! =) I love Bauer's little grin - he must be happy to not be a heathen anymore. ;)

The family photo is great, too - the only thing missing is a scary-looking, monster-sized, Viking/Amazon woman! =)

CathyBB said...

P.S. That Viking/Amazon photo had better be DELETED!!! ;)