Friday, November 30, 2007

photo preview

recently we took the kids to have their picture "professionally" made. addie's sweetie craig took the shots at the lewis home overlooking the arkansas river. it was a crisp fall day, and the finished products are truly amazing (even if i am a little biased)! here are just a few samples...look for the family shot on your christmas card! thanks again craig (and his fab assistant aunt addie!!)

bauer couldn't handle all the excitement...but who could when big sister's hugs are so intense?! ;)


CathyBB said...

That IS a marvelous shot! Love it!

As usual, I have shared with Natalie, and she has her friend Madeline here with her. They are both squealing, "they are so cuuute!" =)

katandkarl said...

besides being the most adorable pics ever THE CLOTHES are quite possibly the cutest thing i have EVER SEEN.

Megan said...

Sweet babies! I like the clothes, too. The colors are great.

Susan said...

Precious! I might need to hire Craig next time he's in town! What about the pic above your "About Me", when was it taken? Was it the same day with wardrobe change or a different occasion?