Sunday, January 6, 2008

4th annual sucky birthday bash

so because the holiday's were so crazy, the bash was a bit delayed this year....HOWEVER, did we ever make up for it! we decided to try the newly renovated ashley's at the capitol. it was gooooooooood! i will spare you from the amazing details but let's just say this.....GO! SOON! kobe beef=yum, smoked trout with lemon and dill=yumm, brown butter and coffee ice cream with chocolate banana beignets=YUMMMMMM! can you tell from celeste and i's cheesy grins we are a bit excited?!

a special thanks to mother emily and dr. rich for sitting with the kiddos. and thanks to the lee's for making every year's bash better than the last! who knew sucky birthdays could be so great?
(oh and on a side note....yes, cathy THAT is the $15 michael kors dress, notably paired with my mother's $300 european alligator and snake handmade clutch...heheheee!!)


Jenny said...

the dress looks great on you! btw, hopefully we'll get the camera back tomorrow, and i'll send you the pix.


CathyBB said...

Tee hee! LOVE the combo!!!

Now just enjoy the last four years of your age bracket... my days are numbered!!! ;)

The Skinner's said...

LOVE the purse & the dress!
You are lookin' so good! What are you doing??
I have lost my weight but can't seem to get my old belly back, any suggestions??