Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it's waaaaay past time...

i have been seriously slacking when it comes to blogging. i will blame the fact that my husband isn't home, i just realzied my driver's license is almost two months expired, i have sewing projects over running my dining room table, i have given up pork and cokes for lent so therefore i have been cooking every meal (to help reduce the temptation AND to save money), and i have been totally enamoured with both vivian and bauer lately. they are both changing so quickly. vivian's vocabulary amazes me...she can say EVERYTHING! i mean if you say it she parrots it (not too good since i am sorta famous for my sailor mouth.) and bauer....big b...what can i say, he is SOOOO sweet. that smile melts my heart. so here are a few of the 231 (yes i counted) pictures that i have taken over the last few weeks:
we spent valentine's with greg and joan. i think bauer might be a pawpaw's boy.
although he does love his gege (contrary to this picture!)
and a few days before we had one of our weekly dinner's with popa and dot dot...ya think he loves that funny white haired man?
and of course even though ibriham says six months, bauer got his first taste of cereal...with a little help from vivian.
daddy bought vivian a surprise...a dora chair. now she can sit by her brother! :) btw...this picture cracks me up!!
today we went to the mulhearn ranch to play...aunt su even pulled the older cousins down to the lake in the red wagon. (see mawmaw, they love it!)
this is miss vivian....on our way to the dillman's for a playdate last week. she said they were her "silly goose glasses". they are really tongs from her kitchen (and, no i don't know how she got them in the car!)
we got to spend some time with cousin jackson, too...isn't he getting big?
just this morning (while i was making vivian's waffles) i caught them being sweet...reading each other stories!
and of course what mother wouldn't love that face? i could just eat him up!!
and this is his latest face....the hmmmm moooooommmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy! i think he was actually trying to get at the camera here. so i hope that this mass photo download has satisfied your appetite for all thing baby day (cathy). i promise to stay caught up from now on! :) ps has spell check stopped working for anyone else on blogger? i need help!


Megan said...

Love your pictures and your kids! I think I need a playdate with yall because you seem to be having all the fun.

Megan said...

My spell check isn't working either...humm.

CathyBB said...

When I saw my inbox full of your blogger comments I figured there MUST be a new post here! =)

Quick comments -

1. The photos with his grandpas are priceless!

2. How did the eating go?

3. Holy cow! Jackson looks SO grown up! (Love Vivian's tights)

4. Love that Bauer grin... in the last photo he's looking more like Vivian!

Amy and David said...

I LOVE the new pics, I swear they both get cuter by the second!!! Every single picture is adorable :) I have given up on spell check, it doesn't work for me either!! Hope you all have a great rest of the week!!

Susan said...

Yeah, I tried to report the spell check deal, but couldn't figure out where to. Oh well. I miss and need it.
Anyhow, thanks for coming to see us yesterday. We had lots of fun. It's our turn now to head to NLR.

The Skinner's said...

WOW are the precious!
Thanks for all your encouraging words, Somer! We need to get together soon!
Little Bauer & Katherine would have fun together!

Tony, Jennifer, and Nicholas said...

They are growing up so fast! Nick is already 6 weeks old... hard to believe... we hope you guys are doing well:) Tell Miss Vivian that we said hello!