Saturday, March 29, 2008

happy first b-day, TRIP!

our sweet little friend, trip reeves, turns one on the 30th, and today was the big party!

it was a super CUUUUUUTE (steph) baseball themed get together of family and friends. here are the reeves: rex, ruby, steph and the big birthday boy, trip.

i think he really liked the cake his ya-ya made him shaped like a baseball glove.

and of COURSE miss vivian loved seeing her friend miss ruby. here they are in action...

and trying to "princess pose" for the cameras. i swear that girl looks just like an ole miss co-ed!! ;)

and of course, bauer was there too. he even had on an ole miss baseball jersey and hat to match. (i think steph got a picture of the hat. i'll steal it, and post it later.) why ole miss you say?! well, you know WHY...but the more important question is HOW? daddy made an extra trip to oxford this week (he was working in memphis and batesville) just to surprise the kids...thanks daddy!! and thanks to the reeves for a great party. happy, happy number one to the tripster!


Stephanie Reeves said...

Thanks so much for joining us today Day fam. It wouldn't have been the same without you! Som- thanks so much for helping with the cake clean-up. Ick!

CathyBB said...

Super-cute coeds... and super-cute party! You had to know the themed wardrobe photo would impress me. =)

Nice work on the Ole Miss stuff, Clif!

Megan said...

Cute Ole Miss stuff.

Susan said...

Cute. I love themes. You can use those hats again in May I guess! :)