Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter "day" style

first of all, i need to say how great it is having clif home "normal" hours. this is the first year he has been home for easter eve in years. we had a great family dinner and then a good talk about jesus and the easter bunny. since i had been too busy to remember carrots at the grocery, i asked vivian what she would like the bunny to have as a snack. "mmmmm....let me see....CHEETOS! with dip (translation: ketchup)!!"

so that's what he got.....and mmmmmm.....i heard it was TASTY!! ;) in fact he liked it so much he left a little thank you note (what good manners you have, easter bunny).

i also HEARD that the easter bunny worked VERY hard on the baskets this year, spending weeks searching for an age appropriate barbie (why must they all look like hoochies?), and cool wooden teethers for bauer.

bauer seemed to be taking it all in...

while miss vivian, was instantly thrilled with her goodies!!

alas, bauer found something to his liking.

and soon it was off to church!

vivian had to wear her new shades...isn't she cute?

then after a quick stop at popa and dotdot's we headed to the mulhearn ranch.

where the easter bunny had made additional stops for all the cousins. vivian got lots of cheetos (oh, the irony) and boostick (translation: chapstick).

while bauer got puffs, a ball, and some big boy baby food. we had a wonderful, fun filled easter, and the easter bunny (as you can see) was very kind to us all.....we hope you had very happy day with your loved ones!


Megan said...

Cute baskets. Did you make them?

CathyBB said...

I had just thought last week when I saw those wooden beads at Target they looked like something you would like. =)

You know I'll be watching for the filling in the blanks!

Amy and David said...

Love all the Easter pics!!! I will have to check in to those wooden teethers. It is so much fun keeping up with everything Bauer is into, since we will be a few steps behind!! New mommies need any advice they can get!!

CathyBB said...

Yippee for the update! Love these photos and it looks like the kids had a marvelous time.

Be sure to tell Miss Vivian that the Easter Bunny brought a Barbie (non-hoochie) and a bunch of Cheetos up here, too!