Monday, March 24, 2008

our little picasso

ok, so i haven't gone through the easter photos yet, but i have gone through today's painting ones! for christmas this year, santa left vivian (at gege and pawpaw's house) an easel. it is the really cool melissa and doug version with crayons, markers, a dry erase side, a chalkboard side, paints, and everything else you can imagine. we use it every single day in a multitude of ways...well, all except one...the paint. as a parent you can imagine what a mess this would be, so i have been waiting until we can go outside....and today was the day. while bauer napped, vivian began her "blue period"...

in case you couldn't tell those are "dinosaurs crossing the street".
she was very intent...for a while...then it was on to sidewalk chalk.
and then it was back to work...this time she concentrated on the "red period".
oops, we got a little on our biggy!
wait...we had to take a break again to be a scary paint monster and chase mommy around the front yard.
oh, here we are back to work....incorporating all the colors.
"mommy, look at my hands!" heheheee. i asked her before bed if she had fun today. she said, "i like the painting, mommy. don't worry we can do more tomorrow." great! :)


CathyBB said...

So Vivian and I apparently are at the same level in our painting lessons. I predict that, with you THERE to help her, she'll pass me in no time!

I love the progression of the photos with the chase-Mommy-break!

PS On a different note, the nuns are on the job.

John, Shannon, & Jackson: said...

She is so talented! I should get her to do the canvas for my dining room. :)

Jenny said...

so cute! i'm glad she has an artistic side like her mother. :-)

btw, i'm sooo jealous that vivian can wear a t-shirt outside. i'm freezing! i can't wait for warm weather. xoxo...