Saturday, April 26, 2008

the birthday twins

well, not EXACTLY twins! but it is april 26th again, and two special people have birthdays...first off is MISS NATALIE! look at what an amazing job cathy did on the themed invites! (i have NO shame, i will be stealing this idea for a future vivian birthday.)

and secondly, uncle seth turns 29! we are headed to the ranch this afternoon for a crawfish boil, some fishing, and some family check back for pics.

happy birthday!! we hope you both have a great day! :)


CathyBB said...

Hey! Natalie and her mom say thank you for the shout out! I just hope your brother-in-law doesn't mind being compared to a 6-year-old! =)

You are MORE than welcome to steal the "Eloise" idea - I am LOVING it. I'll save all the photo files, as well as the signs and "Plaza" menus and everything. Remember, I still owe you for letting me steal the idea for the front-door birthday artwork!

Have a fun day!

Megan said...

OMG that invite is sooo cute.

Susan said...

That invite is PRECIOUS! Of course, I don't know who "Eloise" is, but I still totally appreciate it.

And, thanks for coming out to the ranch for Seth's b-day party and crawfish boil. We had a blast!

Jenny said...

all this talk of crawfish boils makes me hungry! the invitation is very cute! and i hope you guys had a good time with all the birthdays.