Monday, April 28, 2008

playdate posts...long past due

some of you have kindly remarked that i do a great job of keeping up with my posts. well, here is a little bit of proof at just how behind i really am! these pictures are all from wonderful april playdates that i haven't yet posted....this is my attempt to catch up, before i begin the big packing project of today. (read: i am procrastinating) so here goes:

last thursday the reeves' came to play. we (steph and i) are pretty good about getting pictures of the girls, but look who had fun this time! THE BOYS! trip and bauer are only five months apart...aren't they sweet?
and on last wednesday, we had pizza night at the lee's. i stole the idea from the loibner's and aunt sissy offered her kitchen. look how intent miss vivian is!

she even thought to "pat" her pepperoni in place.

the week before...we made another trip to the zoo, this time with the dillman's. (vivan loves drew dillman!)

it was a beautiful day...everyone enjoyed themselves!

and the week before THAT, we spent saturday morning with the dillman's.
here drew and vivian are ordering breakfast at cracker barrel. (note the vastly different clothing, we didn't know it at the time, but it was our last COLD day!)

sweet little ben is helping bauer with his milk break at the burns park playground.

oooops, mr. scott catches ben! :)

and vivian rides away on the ponies!

ohhh wait, she's back for one last slide with mommy! hope these pictures will tide you over for a while...i am afraid the packing is no longer on the back burner. let the countdown to moving "day" begin...less than a month!


Susan said...

When exactly is moving day? Cute pics!
I'm lovin' Bauer's legs in that first photo!

CathyBB said...

See what you've done now? So many things to say, I have to number again. =)

1. Love the boys' picture - this will be SO precious as they get bigger. And that Bauer just makes me grin every time I see him!

2. I love this pizza idea! Bad-Mommy admission: I know I did this with Luke but I don't think I have with Natalie and Nicholas! Eek! We'll have to do that soon - when Nicky sees that Buzz Lightyear can make pizzas, he will be ALL ready for it!

3. You know Cracker Barrel is the only place I can get okra here, right? Now you're making me think I need to go there, MMMMM! =)

4. Lovely tights that Miss Vivian has. ;)

Jenny said...

thanks for the great update! i think i called you that day when you were on the way to make those pizzas. yummy! and i'm with cathy on cracker barrel. it's not like home, but it's the only place around here where i can find chicken fried steak. i think i need to go to lunch. xoxo

Peter & Whitney said...

i love the picture of Vivian and Drew at the table. They look like a little married couple- so cute.

The Skinner's said...

I am thinking that Bauer is looking more like Vivian these days!
They are both TOO CUTE!!!!!!
Love the pizza making idea. I'll keep that in mind for Katherine & I to do one day when Daddy is @ the Fire Station!!!!! (in a few years)

Amy and David said...

Love all the sweet new pictures!! Good luck with packing!! Okay, I think you have made me crave a homemade pizza for dinner tonight!!!