Saturday, April 5, 2008

literary festival

the state festival was at the historic arkansas museum, and even though the kids are a little young i thought it might be fun. there were readings by various children's authors, free snacks, and (unbeknown to mommy) EVERY child received a little stuffed toy upon entry. we even met with the cat in the hat, winnie the pooh, laura ingalls wilder, and a plethora of other literary characters.

of course, vivian wouldn't have her picture made with a single one of them! (go figure) so you'll have to settle for a picture of the whole crew. after eating lunch at the flying fish, we then made our way across the riverfront park and market to see the black stallion. vivian had been talking up the "horse sighting" for almost an hour...then...she wouldn't get out of the stroller.
aaaaaggggghhhhh! oh well, what do you do? it was a beautiful day to stroll through downtown, and i did convince vivian to have picture made with her daddy (for some "manman" treats...sheeeesh!). hope you all had a lovely saturday!


CathyBB said...

1. Woah! You've been a busy poster - who do you think you are, me? =)

2. I am SO jealous. I would LOVE to meet Laura Ingalls Wilder!!!

3. So sad about Vivian not wanting to pose with the characters. We went to see Barbie when Natalie was that age and we have a loooovely shot of me, with Natalie clinging to my neck! =)

4. Beautiful father-daughter photo. And Vivian looks like such a big girl in her cargo pants!

5. Nice earrings. =)

6. This whole having-Clif-home-on-weekends thing is pretty cool, huh?

Megan said...

What a fun outing. I hear that kids sometimes do that embarassing stuff to their parents. Maybe I'll get to experience that one day. Looks like you were right by mine and Susan's old office.

Jenny said...

sounds like a very fun day! :-)

CathyBB said...

I forgot to ask for a translation - "manman" treats????